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MDO/HDO Plywood

Veneer Board Surface Material´╝ÜBirch

Core:Poplar,birch,hardwood or pine,
Can be used construction,outdoor advertisement.

01) Made of phenolic resin film Dynea WBP glue
02) The film is imported from Finland company and Dynea company in yellow color
03) Weight: 220gsm
04) Glue:WBP glue .
05) It can be reused for not less than 50 times
06) It can reduce the cost and avoid the disadvantages from iron mould
07) It has a higher economic profit and better physical capability
08) Raw materials: poplar, birch and other hardwood
09) Dimensions: 4' x 8', 1250 x 2500mm, 1500 x 3000mm, 1525 x 3050mm
10) Inside pallet is wrapped with plastic bag,Pallets are covered with plywood (or carton) and wrapped with iron steel

MDO/HDO Plywood MDO/HDO Plywood MDO/HDO Plywood MDO/HDO Plywood

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