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Bamboo Plywood

1) Core: bamboo curtain and veneer
2) Glue: WBP, MR
3) Film (Coating): Brown,Black,bamboo woven mat
4) Surface: Smooth
5) Size: 1220x2440mm, 1250x2500mm, 1000x2000mm
6) Thickness: 5-30MM
7) Edge Treatment: Red, green or other color acrylic paint in order to against moisture
Bamboo film faced plywood



The high-grade bamboo plywood made and has been designated for high quality concrete and false-work.
Our products are best suited for concrete forming application in areas with high requirements on concrete surfaces and finishes for projects and areas such as:
Cross bridges and roads
Dams and tunnels
Girders and columns on highway
Bridge formwork.



The production information for you, please see the following:

Bamboo stalks Opening

Bamboo stalks Opening
The selected bamboo stalks will be cut into long strips by machine.

Bamboo curtain weaving
Bamboo curtain weaving
The bamboo strips will be weaved into a curtain as one layer of veneer and to be ready pressed into the core of bamboo plywood.

Normally the fresh bamboo is easy to cutting and weaving, so it will need to be dried and kept a low moisture content before gluing and pressing.

Phenolic resin glue is the adhesion agent for the bamboo formwork plywood, and the bamboo curtain will be plunged into the glue after drying.

Hot press
Hot press
To ensure the smooth of the surface, bamboo formwork will plus a wood veneer between the bamboo core and Phenolic resin film, then to be pressed with high pressure and temperature.

Sealing and packing

Sealing and packing
The bamboo formwork plywood will be sealed by water proof paint around the edges, to ensure its usage life. Because of the high density, bamboo formwork plywood normally will be loaded into container piece by piece without any package to ensure the Maximum loading quantity


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